I will write my profile in the first person until I become an extremely important and busy person, then I will have a dedicated fan write it for me.

I was born in 1970 and spent as much time as I could in front of the television. Then with the invention of the VHS, I added a weekly fix of movies to my already busy schedule. And that was my childhood in a nutshell.

After graduating high school in 1988, I went off to Europe, slipped behind the Iron Curtain and travelled across the Soviet Union, ending my trip in Tokyo, Japan. There I played for the next 12 years before finding the woman of my dreams and following her back to Europe. I then decided to camp-out in the EU for three years before returning to Vancouver, BC at the ripe old age of 36.

A lot of The Amazon Chronicle is taken from the lessons taught to me from experiencing life and watching how people of different cultures and genders are so similar once the confines of their required social etiquettes are stripped away.
Travel has given me great insight into how our ideals, social conduct, morals or outlooks are formed by our societies without us knowing or perhaps without us wanting to admit it.
I can now sum up my view of life by saying; "There is the way we want life to be, and there's just the way it is."

My enthusiasm for The Amazon Chronicle comes out of a lifetime of watching television shows and movies, in that, I believe this is truly one of the most unique stories that I've come across in years.

I only hope the tale of the Amazoi captures your imagination as much as it does mine.

Contact the author at: brad@studio-era.com