Financial Contribution

Finances gained from The Amazon Chronicle will help keep the motion towards having it eventually materialize into a TV series.
The Amazon Chronicle is not a charity and therefore does not accept donations. We do however offer the E-book of Book I -Taysha- Lost Daughter of the Amazoi for free.

(This will be available from Nov. 1st, 2013)

If you don't find the book worth your money, you are not obligated to pay for it. If you do see the possibilities in The Amazon Chronicle, please choose one of the four payment options in the E-book Purchase button below.

For legal reasons, I must state the E-book is:
"Free to download, with the understanding that payment can be made in the future and is only expected on the condition the book is deemed worth paying for by the reader."

E-book Purchase

After clicking the 'Purchase E-book' button, you will be taken to the Paypal website.
It is not necessary to join Paypal to make the transaction.
Choose the 'Don't have a PayPal account?' link to securely pay by credit card.

Contributing Time

"Contributing Time" to The Amazon Chronicle is giving your time to the project in exchange for something.
It can be done out of purely selfish reasons as well. In fact, I encourage that.
If The Amazon Chronicle can help you promote your talent, why not work together?

For Example: Is getting photos done for yourself or with your loved ones.
You keep the photos for your memories or portfolio, and I receive a signed release form ? to use them to promote The Amazon Chronicle.

Artists, actors, designers, magazines-editors, bloggers, clothing-designers, leather-workers, weapons-makers, song-writers, historians, models, directors, script-writers, illustrators, sculptors, advertising firms . . .
The list goes on and on.
If you have an idea from simply wanting your photo as one of the Amazoi, to wanting to sit down with me and write a script for a TV series, let me know about it.

Nothing is too far-fetched (See: "What it is not" below first).
- You might want to write a novel using the characters in The Amazon Chronicle.
- You might want to create a 'darker' comic book version than the one I'm working on.
- You might want to create a clothing line with ties to the Amazoi.
- You might want to make a video to show your acting, editing, or directing skills.
- You might want to help expand the Osfer language
- You might want to send me a recording you made of one of the Amazoi songs.
- You might want to use the Amazoi tribal symbol ? in one of your projects.
Or maybe you just want to exchange links.

Nothing too big. Nothing too small.

What it is not

1. It's not an avenue to push your business directly on me.

My wife and I don't have a television set for one simple reason: Advertising
Knowing that someone out there thinks I will go and buy a razor because it hast 7 layers and is named 'Turbo', simply pissed me off so much that we did away with the TV and haven't missed it for a second since.

In the same regards, spamming me will get the same response.
If you have something to peddle; peddle it elsewhere.
I don't have the money anyway, and even if I did, I like to do my own shopping and not have some numbnuts whispering suggestions into my ear.

If you want to spam for teh lulz ? and think it's worth the effort, knock yourself out.
Just don't DOS or hack me, bro. Please. I have a healthy respect (read: fear) for what a dedicated attacker can do. (Make it fun and original, at least)

2. It's not a paying job.

Don't get me wrong.
I'm not against making money with you, when we share in the profits.
But, asking me for money will only get you a yawn and a deleted email for your troubles.

If you have an idea that doesn't cost money upfront then let me hear it, and we'll see if it is something that I think we can work on together.

You can contact me (Brad Foubister) here