The Pilot

Please be aware the 'pilot' was never intended for public viewing
This DVD is only suggested for either:
- Die-hard Amazon fans who wish to add to their collection.
- The Amazon Chronicle fans who wish to see the story put into a TV series.

DVD sales will help towards selling The Amazon Chronicle as a television program.

DVD Includes:
- Full size DVD case with cover & back.
- 8 page insert with insight to the Amazoi society & small dictionary.
- Formatted to play in DVD player or PC/Apple programs.
- 5 Subtitle selections (including English for the hearing impared)
- Chapters (one-click jump to specific parts)
- Explanation of the story (by Brad Foubister)
- Interviews with the 4 actresses & creator Brad Foubister
- Commentary (re-watch the pilot as we talk over it and ruin it for you)
- Outtakes & Test Shots.
- The option to watch without subtitles (for those who want to study their Osfer)

The price is $25 CDN and includes all tax and shipping world wide.