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- The following are written out from Prof. Orlov's notes titled 'Songs, Poems and Prayers of the Amazoi'. Most are not found in The Amazon Chronicle.
- Songs and poems are interchangeable. Either can be sung or spoken.
- Word-for-word translations can be researched via the Osfer-English Dictionary.

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Title English Osfer
li-elboi verat ray
(Blessings for Battle)
Blessed be your arms, full of strength and speed. Blessed be your heart, full of courage and wisdom. Blessed be your legs, full of strength and speed. Blessed be your eyes, full of sight and warning. Li-elboi pat eed-na uda-ra, pakot vart a trit. Li-elboi pat eed-na gi, pakot wintert a fort. Li-elboi pat eed-na ve-ra, pakot vart a trit. Li-elboi pat eed-na ut-ra, pakot ut a oskot.
Title English Osfer
li-elboi da broa'ha
(Bless this Child)
Mother Uverbim
Bless this child (baby) and protect him/her from spirits of cruel gods. From the claws of cruel beasts. From the eyes of cruel men. Let him/her grow quickly to join us as an equal by the fire.
Masha Uverbim.
Li-elboi da broa'ha. Wir tak dent li-ra na um-rot. Dent thu-ra na rin-rot. Dent yoi-ra na ut-rot. Bays tak mitha trit for weem-ra pon torofol bay-na yeut.

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Cheers & Motivation

Title English Osfer
(un-named cheer)
(First half of the person's name is called out in length by the cheer-leader. This is repeated by the crowd. This back-and-forth is continued 2 or 3 times before the leader signals *usually by dropping a raised hand* for them all to call out the second/last part of the person's name. At which they all cry-out in unison while either stamping their feet or rapping on their breastplates.) Uuuul (Uuuuul) Uuuuul (Uuuuul) Uuuul (Uuuuul) *All together* Fortaaaa!
Title English Osfer
(who is best?)
Who is the strongest? A-ma-zoi! Who is the fastest? A-ma-zoi! Who is the 'best conditioned'? A-ma-zoi! Who is the smartest (wisest)? A-ma-zoi! Who will be victorious? A-ma-zoi! (For continuous loop: Leader: "Ei?" then everyone repeats "A-ma-zoi!" in circut until the leader changes "Ei?" to the first verse of the cheer) Dar bonoto tran sa? A-ma-zoi! Dar bonoto tri sa? A-ma-zoi! Dar bonoto (ma)bim sa? A-ma-zoi Dar bonot for sa? A-ma-zoi! Dar atha't-to ser sa? A-ma-zoi!!

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Children's Songs

Title English Osfer
Shush, shush, shush
Hey bug. Why are so happy? Squish, squish, squish! Squish, squish, squish! Not so happy now. Squish, squish, squish. Kont pina, patan-sa bono tre upre? Shush, shush, shush. Shush, shush, shush. Dan nay bono upre. Shush, shush, shush.
Title English Osfer
Day-ra Amazoi
(We're Amazoi)
We're not stupid. We're not a bug. We're Amazoi. Your (greatest) fear. Day-ra nay pitak. Day-ra nay pina. Day-ra Amazoi. Eed-na porori'ta

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Drinking Songs

Title English Osfer
Eed bono thiya
(You're So Important)
(Leader:) Don't go! Don't go! (Everyone would join in:) Come and join us! Come and join us! Can't you see that you're so important we can't enjoy our drinking without you? Nay ayt! Nay ayt! Tay-pat-pon. Tay-pat-pon. Eed bono thiya, tray nay-leed, nay-upre't day-na say-no ei?
Title English Osfer
S(h)ay pat gai
(Four/Drink for Life)
Four to hunt. Four to battle. Four to friends. Four to life. Four in the sleeping-furs tonight. One. Two. Three. Drink! (The wording plays on the similarity between 'drink' and 'four', giving the song dual meaning. See: Numbers) S(h)ay pat urath! S(h)ay pat ray! S(h)ay pat nai! S(h)ay pat gai! S(h)ay di spinawat da-ber! U! Er! San! Say!

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Funeral Songs

Title English Osfer
rum verat uk-lik pola
(Sonnet of the Fallen)
(Goddess) Uverbim we sing to you. We ask you, to take our fallen. (A) warrior who died a good death. Arms raised and weapon held fast. Faced fear and fought well. This warrior to be taken, we honour. And sing for (his/her) riches above those unworthy. Until we meet again in wine, dance, unity and song. Uverbim day-ra wo-no for eed. Day-ra moor-no eed, koor-bo day-ra-no uperat. Upai baest-bo bodre baestam. Uda-ra pien-bo otak wein var. Mul-a-mul kreg a ray-to bodre. Da-na upe koor-to day-ra vesta. A wo-no for weem bakular. Utan weem-ra nay potran. Tar mil day-ra kome tash. Aji, udor, vizeks, rum.
Title English Osfer
rum verat uknaipola
(Sonnet of a Beloved)
You are the sight in my eyes, the words in my mouth, the air in my lungs, the blood in my veins, the thoughts in my heart. Now that you are gone, I cannot see. I cannot speak. I cannot breathe. I cannot bleed. I cannot think. I live only to die so that we may be together again. Eed dayna bak't u'ut. Tont karat u dayna vala. Tont tun u dayna borga. Tont bonta u dayna pith-ra. Tont rapshir't u dayna rap. Dan-thir eed ayt-bo pi. Day nay-fer bak. Day nay-fer hoban. Day nay-fer taa't. Day nay-fer bonta't. Day nay-fer rapshir. Day etha-no for slo, thir day-ra fer hyat tash.

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Journey Songs

Title English Osfer
U thray. Er thray.
(One Step. Two Step)
One step. Two step. Farther away. One step. Two step. The gods will be surprised when they find us there no more. One step. Two step. Ahead of danger and misfortune. One step. Two step. On to better lands. U thray. Er thray. Bolo-bat pi. U thray. Er thray. Li-ra upa-to f'mil rika-to weemra nay rat vart patpor. U thray. Er thray. Ubort tikboi a tik lina'ut. U thray. Er thray. Naet bodre-bat tafa.
Title English Osfer
Farewell valley behind us. What valley will you introduce us to next? We look forward to meeting your friend. Sun behind the clouds. Rain behind the mountain. We walk until Night comes to kiss us to sleep. Uma-tash, weemra-na u-pora yatha. Bent, ko yatha oshirid-bo sa. Weemra uthansam kome-to eed-na uf. Panon u-pora shifa. Der u-pora shta. Weemra petpet pobar ber tay pat, push weemra tant-to spi.

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Love Songs

Title English Osfer
Eed paro day
(You Like Me)
You like me. That's why I feel safe. You like me. That's why I desire your kiss. You like me. That's why I sing to you. You like me. That's! the reason we were born. (yeah!) That's! the reason we were born. eed paro day. Patan day alash-um. Eed paro day. Patan day samser eed-na push. Eed paro day. Verat, day-ra oflat-bo ser. Yai. Verat, day-ra oflat-bo ser.
Title English Osfer
The cold wind. The cold rain. The cold night. The cold of winter. All are powerless against the warmth you give to me. Tar ana-la. Tar ana-der. Tar ana-ber. Tont penu-na ana. Bost nay-ma-vart, tont shay't eed el-no rot.

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Title English Osfer
Ulan-na li-moor
(Morning Prayer)
Feet on the Earth.
Hands to the Sun.
Spirit in the middle
Tayn-ra panu ama.
Ka-ra naet panon.
Rap unta-vera bost.
Title English Osfer
Ferlan-na li-moor
(Evening Prayer)
One more day past. Closer to my ancestors I stand. May I use tomorrow, what I have learned today. Utash-to marta. Berban-no tre-art naet day-na urman. Mozat-fer-to ufast day bor-no sar fast.

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War Songs

Title English Osfer
day-ra ayt-no for up
(We go to War)
Brother and sister. Stand shoulder (to shoulder). Take your spear. Hold high your shield. Pull tight (the) bowstring. Sing (in) unity. We go to war. We go to war. We go to war. tulan a tula. berban ula-ula. Koor-to eed-na shant. wein zi eed-na tuton. lap roosh dolfana-tip. wo vizeks. day-ra ayt-no for oop. day-ra ayt-no for oop. day-ra ayt-no for oop.
Title English Osfer
taysha-na rum
(Taysha's Song)
Taysha is the only woman that even the wolves fight for. Ushi and Wada faced the bear with her and won. Because they believed in their mistress. So, face the bear with me, my brother and sister. Face the bear with me, in the name of Taysha. We will fight. We will win. We will survive to sing the tale. taysha kono tont breta, thor noi-ra ray for. Ushi a Wada hyat on utrat tar nolat pat atha-bo. Patan batha tak-ra-na ukreka. Thir, utrat tar nolat hyat day, day-na tulan a tula. Utrat tar nolat hyat day, verat Taysha.
Weem-ra ray-to
Weem-ra atha-to
Weem-ra purash-to pat rum tar bakat

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